In order for your paper to be included in the ICICoS 2024 proceedings and submitted to IEEE Xplore®, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Register for the conference with payment and completing the registration process.
  2. Prepare final manuscript according to IEEE template.
  3. Formatting and verification using IEEE PDF eXpress™ to generate IEEE Xplore® compliant PDF.
  4. Get and Upload your eCopyright form to EDAS.
  5. Upload your camera-ready paper (IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF) to EDAS (Authors must upload eCopyright in EDAS before a camera-ready paper. Otherwise, the EDAS system will not allowed you to upload your camera-ready paper).

1. Conference Registration

At least one author of each accepted paper must register and complete the payment in order that the accepted paper will appear in the proceedings and be scheduled for presentation.

2. Final Manuscript Preparation

Papers must be written on A4-format page according to the IEEE template manuscripts of minimum four (4) pages and up to six (6) pages in length. Papers should NOT have page numbers, headers, and footers. IEEE template can be downloaded at:

3. Formatting and IEEE Xplore® compliance

In order to assure that all submitted PDF files are IEEE Xplore® compliant, your paper must pass format check using IEEE PDF Xpress™. You must use IEEE PDF eXpress™ to generate or verify an IEEE Xplore® compliant PDF. We strongly recommend that all final submissions be created using the IEEE PDF eXpress™ service. The IEEE PDF eXpress™ service can convert your paper from a wide range of formats to IEEE Xplore®-compatible PDFs. The service is free of charge for ICICoS 2024 authors.

4. IEEE eCopyright Upload

A signed or electronically signed copyright form must be submitted before a camera-ready paper. This has to be upload electronically to EDAS. Please note that you will need the EDAS submission number for the eCopyright/Copyright Form. Two ways to get IEEE (Electronic) Copyright Form:

  1. IEEE Electronic Copyright (eCopyright) Form from EDAS (recommended)
  2. IEEE Copyright Form (in DOC form or PDF form) – For this option, an author needs to print and scan the signed copyright form, and then upload it to the EDAS system.

5. Camera Ready Paper Upload

All the camera-ready papers that passed the step no. 3 above have to be submitted using the PROCEEDINGS under EDAS system.